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  • How can I register ?

    Go to register , select plan and fill up registration form. 

  • Who can register ?

    Any person , brand, organisation, company, NGO, cooperate, business are welcome

  • How much time it take for registration ?

    after filling up the registration form a verification is done and it may take upto 24hrs . After that you will get your userid, referral code .Next a website developer will be assigned for you

  • How much time it takes for verification of registration form ?

    less than 24hrs


  • How can I edit my website ?

    Go to edit and fill up the editing form

  • How many times can i edit my website ?

    for basic members 5 edits/weekfor economy and VIP members its unlimited

  • How can i get a priority editing ?

    Please tick the priority editing box at time of filling of editing form. If you are requesting an edit from Whatsapp or email please mention it.

  • How can I contact the website designer directly ?

    If you are not satisfied from the editing or want to directly contact the designer please contact customer care.


  • How many types of website can I get ?

    We offer personal, business, brand, organisation, Portfolio website and Landing pages

  • Who will host my website ?

    We proudly host your website, your web content is stored on our secure servers that are located around the world. That means your site loads faster for all your visitors, around the globe

  • Will I get SSL certificate ?

    Yes for FREE

  • How many subdomains will I get ?

    Subdomains are provided only to VIP members and its unlimited

  • How many webpages I will get ?

    Its unlimited for economy and VIP members but basic members will only get 3


  • How many domains are offered ?

    1 domain .4dollar.website for basic members250+ domains for economy members20+ domains (TLD) for VIP members

  • How can I know that my domain is available ?

    Basic and economy members after filling up the form will be informed during verification period if their domain are not available For VIP members - Please visit here to first check your domain availability. If the response is - The requested domain was not found in the Registry or Registrar's RDAP server that means your domain is available.

  • My domain is not available

    Domain name are unique and are available subject to first come first serve basis. We request you to choose other alternatives

  • Who will manage the technical side of my domain ?

    Its all up to us

  • How can I transfer my domain ?

    please contact customer care.

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